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DG Professional
ComputerAid was approached by four major feedlots to review all existing Feedlot Software programs available in North America. We reviewed the commercial software and also several custom feedlot software products used at the large corporate yards.

The criteria set up to measure the programs against were:
• The software must be written using a current technology platform that included the opportunity to evolve to meet future needs (not DOS or Unix).
• The software must have an open database structure to allow the import and export of information. Allowing for the incorporation of EID and other data tools.
• The software must allow for multiple users and multiple feedlot sites.
• The software must retain all records to allow for future data analysis. This data must be accessible to the feedlot directly. The feedyard has direct access to their information and is independent of a computer company.
• The software must be easy to learn and the screen design must allow non-computer users to access the information easily. Managers need to access current information on their desktop. If you know your job, you should be able to understand the software.
• The software must be able to operate over a month-end without interfering with the daily activities of the feedlot
Unfortunately, none of the existing software programs met all these requirements thus development began on DG Professional. The feedlots committed their managers, accountants, and front line staff to the development, testing and implementation process. The total cost of the project exceeded $1.3 million. In 1996 DG Professional was awarded the Microsoft Most Effective 32-Bit Solution Award
DG Professional quickly provided these four feedlots with a payback for their investment.
• One feedlot doubled their capacity using only their original 3 office staff and hiring an accountant.
• Another feedlot reduced their administration staff by 2.5 people while increasing their capacity from 10,000 to 25,000 head.
• All feedlots reduced their month-end commitments by as much as one week and recovered previously unbilled dollars
All of these examples resulted in a savings of approximately $60,000 - $75,000/yr by being able to decrease the staffing requirements needed in order to increase capacity and improved cash-flow in the organization. These gains are permanent benefits which we consistently see at every new site. DG Professional placed these feedlots significantly ahead of their competitors.

DG Professional continues to be enhanced every year resulting in one of the most complete and indispensable tools in the feedlot.